Thursday, May 20, 2010

A week ahead with this^ part of my project, but a week behind with the book that this^ is supposed to support...

BASICALLY now, what I need to do to these teardrops, is finish spray painting them, photocopy, and screenprint! And eventually (hopefully!!) I will have a lovely wallpaper with text in teardrops to go with a book.

The idea with the raindrops comes from not only the story which I have chosen, but the structure of the way the Kalevala is written. As it is written in verse, the text is very 'chopped up', I thought this would be a interesting but discrete way of communicating both the actual text with an element of the story it tells. I like the idea of having a lot of one image repeated, to have a slight obsessive quality. I feel like it makes all discrete variations, as well as anything going against the image which is repeated, stand out. I hope the viewers will see that the same teardrop cut outs here are used in my book, and how the two are supposed to work hand in hand.

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